(Email that went out to the VIP Crew at 6:30pm today)

I think I’ve lost my mind. Haha. Stay with me, because this email is crazy long, but has some of the best deals I’ve ever done. Long story short: I’m running a massive 4 day pre-order event! It starts at midnight for the public, but you can start shopping at 8pm tonight!

Check everything out here so you can be prepared: LowLabel.com/NEW

I brought back A TON of old shirts that I’m always sold out on, as well as offering most of them on hoodies now, and doing new color options that I’ve never done before. All of these shirts are available in the standard Gildan shirts or the premium Next Level shirts. Plus just about every hat option I’ve done before is up there too.

I think I added 40+ products back to the site just last night, plus I’ll continue to add more throughout the weekend. You never know when I’ll add one of these new items, or take one of these pre-orders down. So if you see something, jump on it.

Every one of these pre-orders should ship 2-3 weeks after this weekend once the pre-order has ended, so everything should arrive for Xmas. I have a couple shops doing all the print/embroidery work, but I will try to make sure all orders are delivered before 12/25.

Ok, so besides having an insane amount of new products on the site, I’m also offering these discount codes like I always do:

  • 50% off code: BLACK50 (expires after 15 uses, and will likely be used up within minutes)
  • 40% off code: BLACK40 (expires after 25 uses, and will be gone within the first hour I’m sure)
  • 30% off code: BLACK30 (expires after 50 uses)
  • 20% off code: BLACK20 (expires after 100 uses)
  • 15% off code: BLACK15 (expires after 200 uses)

Shirts, hats, and hoodies, oh my: LowLabel.com/shop

If you try a code and it doesn’t work, it probably expired, move on to the next code. If you can’t get any codes to work, let me know ASAP.

And if that wasn’t enough, I’m offering some shipping discounts. Mainly to help everyone outside of the USA, that usually has to deal with insane shipping costs:

  • USA customers: Get free shipping when you spend $99+
  • Canada customers: Pay a flat $10 shipping for orders of $125+
  • International customers: Pay a flat $20 shipping for orders of $150+

View everything on the website here: LowLabel.com/shop

I wish I could do free shipping for everyone (all the time) but the costs are usually insane. My best advice if you’re an international customer is to find a few local friends and go in on a big order so you can get the cheap rate and split the cost.

And if that wasn’t enough (I told you I lost my mind), I’m giving you more free shit the more you spend:

  • Spend $200, get a $25 Low Label gift card
  • Spend $300, get a $50 Low Label gift card
  • Spend $400, get a $75 Low Label gift card
  • Spend $500, get a $100 Low Label gift card

Check out the new color options on these classic shirts: LowLabel.com/NEW

These gift cards can be used towards anything on the Low Label site starting December 1st, and they are valid from then until the end of 2018.

Ok, my brain is broke. For the super diehard VIP Low Label addicts, I’m doing even more for you:

  • Spend $750, get a custom embroidered Dickie’s jacket & custom embroidered hat. This can be from any of my brands on the website.
  • Spend $1000, I’ll design a new Low Label shirt with your car/truck on it, and send you 5 shirts, and 25 stickers. We’ll work together to come up with the best looking shirt that everyone will want to wear.
  • Spend $1500, I’ll buy you a plane ticket and I’ll pay for the hotel/Airbnb for you and me to go on a 2-3 day trip somewhere in 2018. USA customers only. This might be a car/truck show or maybe just a new destination to explore. After I know where you’re located, we will come up with a destination or event that will be badass for both of us.

Say what?! “Randy must be drunk…” Jump on it: LowLabel.com/NEW

Ok. I think that’s it. Damn, that was a lot. Is this epic enough? Haha. So the sales are open to the public starting at midnight tonight, and will last until Monday at 11:59pm. Just know that some of the pre-order items may disappear Monday morning, so don’t wait til the last minute.

But since you’re on the VIP email list, you can get in on all of this starting at 8pm Eastern Time. A nice little 4-hour headstart. That should help you out a bit.

Again, any product that’s a pre-order will say PRE-ORDER on it. If it doesn’t say PRE-ORDER, then it’s an in-stock item and it will ship next week. But if you order pre-order items and non-pre-order items in the same order, your entire order will ship once the pre-order items come in. Feel free to place separate orders if you want the in-stock items first.

Just like always, every order will get at least a free sticker. I’ve done this with every order I’ve ever shipped out, and usually the more people order, the more random stuff I throw in their package, or I upgrade a First Class order to Priority, or things like that.

Anyways, this is the longest email ever, let’s get on with the sale! If you have any questions or need more info, simply hit reply to this email, get on the live chat on the website, or send me a text at 937-369-5062. I’ll be hanging out with my family for a few more hours, but then I’ll be glued to my computer the rest of the weekend. Seriously, if you need anything, let me know, I’ll get you taken care of.

Hopefully you’ve had an epic day doing Thanksgiving things with your friends and family. Hopefully you ate too much and you’re still in a food coma. But when you wake up, check out the website and see all the new stuff on there. Not to be annoying, but I’ll probably send you 1 email per day throughout the weekend, to keep you informed on what I’m adding. Alright, talk to you soon…

Checkout the amazing pre-order items here: LowLabel.com/NEW

Shop: LowLabel.com
Instagram: @LowLabel

PS… Don’t feel pressured into buying anything from me. All of this merchandise is awesome (I’m biased) but it’s not a necessity. There’s so many more important things in life than tshirts and hats and stickers. I know this is a hard time of the year for a lot of people in general, but definitely those with big families and kids or anyone going through a struggle.

If you buy anything from me (now or ever), I’m beyond humbled. The support I’ve received over the years is ridiculous. I never expected it to get anywhere near this point.

If you don’t know the full story (you can listen to me explain it in detail here on my podcast: RiskWithoutRegret.com/MTS), I was just taking photos at truck shows, for fun. And I started sharing them online. And in 2011, someone loved the photo I took of their truck and wanted a sticker to support me. I didn’t have stickers, so I made a handful. Then look what it turned into. Haha

I just want to give something back to everyone that spends so much of their hard-earned money with me. I really appreciate it and just want to make cool shit that I like. Turns out, a lot of you love it too. That’s the greatest feeling. Thank you. #thankful

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